The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap provides you with the tools for creating, writing, and managing your own hit show. This book expertly guides you through 21 essential insights on the creation of a successful show, and takes you behind the scenes through exclusive and enlightening interviews with showrunners from some of TV’s most lauded series, including:

Breaking Bad
Modern Family
The Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
House, M.D.
Friday Night Lights
The Good Wife

From conception to final rewrite, The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to create a series that won’t run out of steam after the first few episodes. This groundbreaking guide features a companion website with additional interviews and bonus materials. 


"Neil Landau is rapidly becoming the resource of choice for the emerging generation of new writers. His first two books, 101 Things I Learned In Film School, followed by 21 Ways To Jumpstart Your Story have proved to be excellent companions, filled with essential information organized in a coherent, user-friendly format. A third book is now added to Neil’s canon: THE TV SHOWRUNNER’S ROADMAP. This book takes potential writer-entrepreneurs through the complex terrain of creating and sustaining a hit television series. Once again, Neil navigates his readers with clarity, with practical down-to-earth usable advice, with insight and with compassion. The book could not be more timely. With the paradigm shift to television, with the best work and greatest opportunities for writers now in that medium, this book is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone hoping to take his or her best shot."